Lockdown as a luxury

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CDC reported the official adverse reactions data of Pfizer vaccine 2 days after FDA gave an emergency approval. According to their data, 15.8% of the participants between 18 and 55 years old had fever over 38c. 59.4% had fatigue, 51.7% had headache, 35.1% had chills, 1.9% vomited, 10.4% had diarrhea, 37.3% has muscle pain, 21.9% had joint pain after the second injection (See the attachments below). Almost everyone had something. In addition to these mild events, acute myocardial infarction happened to 3 vaccinated participants where no one had it in the placebo group. Cerebrovascular accidents occurred to 3 participants where only 1 person had it in the placebo group. One vaccinated participant injured his shoulder somehow. FDA ranked it as severe events and concluded it was related to vaccine administration or to the vaccine itself. Another one had lymphadenopathy involving the axilla contralateral to the vaccine injection site. In their categorization, severe adverse events include death so some of these participants who experienced severe events may have died but the conclusive death toll isn’t mentioned on CDC’s website. Having caused all these adverse reactions, Pfizer does not address the vaccine’s protection against the asymptomatic infection. One might still infect others after going through these side effects.

Severe or mild are qualitative definitions. It’s easy for everyone to understand but it’s also very easy to manipulate and it’s subjective. Because the vaccinated people didn’t share all the information about their side effects with each other, only Pfizer had the comprehensive information. The asymmetric diversity of information will continue even after normal people start being inoculated at a hospital.

When this pandemic started, I was imagining the possible dystopia where only the rich are vaccinated and the poor suffer the disease. However apparently the reality is that the rich implement lockdown and people who have to be working whatever the weather is are vaccinated without even knowing the outcome. Louis Vuitton reportedly had the boost in sales this year. Rich people simply move to their mountain cottage and drink bordeaux by the fireplace every time a new wave comes.

Now lockdown is a luxury. Because of the great lockdown in Europe that happened this Spring, we saw lockdown reduce the cases for the following 3 or 4 months. Meanwhile, hospitals can rebuild the system and restore the capacity. Lockdown is one of the tools that promise the effect for 3 or 4 months. However it costs. Probably most governments want to implement it but only resourceful countries can afford it. Netherlands announced that they’ll enter a 5 weeks strict lockdown. This is not unrelated to BREXIT. Because of the prospect of No-Deal BREXIT, numbers of financial institutions are fleeing from the city of London to the European cities including Amsterdam and Frankfurt. The 5 weeks strict lockdown is not necessarily a punishment to the Netherlands. It does it because it can. On the other hand, The UK became one of the first western countries that approved Pfizer’s vaccine.

On Bloomberg TV, a vaccine researcher commented that they are very very confident in the efficacy of Pfizer’s vaccine. However, to the question of the interviewer that how long the durability lasts, she said they don’t know how long the protection continues more than a couple of months after the second injection. What really matters is the long term adverse reactions. What really matters the most is the adverse reactions to the descendant generations. Because they don’t even know the long term protection, no wonder they don’t know the long term adverse reactions. There are several experts on Youtube about Covid-19 treatment. I picked some of them and sent them the same question — If they know the long term side effects. 3 days have passed but no one has answered.

If I can choose, I would like to take the mountain cottage method. At least it doesn’t seem to cause me acute myocardial infarction.




Analyzing Covid-19 based on the open data. For tailored research or inquiry, email me at fukushimadiary.official@gmail.com

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Analyzing Covid-19 based on the open data. For tailored research or inquiry, email me at fukushimadiary.official@gmail.com

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