We need a cure, not a vaccine.

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There’s only one month until Christmas. Usually I travel abroad around this time of year and spend the rest of the year at home. It was exceptional only last year as I adopted a new cat. She was little and needed a lot of extra care. I was busy going between home and a vet and spent all the vacation budget on it. Thanks to her, I avoided travelling abroad last December so I didn’t have to prove I wasn’t exposed to any infection risk from last December, which would have been necessary to many immigration procedures here.

However, it might never happen for me to travel abroad again. According to Bloomberg, global airline lobby IATA is building a new app for the passengers. The app is to prove inoculation of Covid-19 vaccine. The “CommonPass” app is still in development but in the near future, we might need a ticket, passport and vaccine inoculation to fly.

Thankfully, the WHO representative of where I live, Romania, has stated that Covid-19 vaccine won’t be mandatory here. According to a survey, Romanian people’s trust in Covid-19 vaccination is the 3rd lowest in Europe after Russia and Hungary. Probably Covid-19 vaccine won’t be universal but if you want to travel, it would be another issue.

The airline companies are impacted worse than any other industry by Covid-19. I don’t know why they invest to lose even more passengers but they are too big to go bankrupt. They know the governments would help anyhow. Considering how paranoia they became after 911, it’s not difficult to imagine for them to start frantically forcing us to be vaccinated.

I vaccinate all of my cats. Even I have had all sorts of the necessary vaccines too. However not all the vaccines are the same. In November, 3 vaccine makers announced their “amazing” progress in their vaccine development. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla even sold millions of dollars of his own company stock on the day when the company announced the vaccine trial result. BNT162b2, Pfizer’s vaccine candidate was nearly 95% effective as the company announced. However it is based on only 94 infected volunteers. These 94 people don’t include any severe cases. The racial distribution wasn’t announced yet either. We practically do not know anything about BNT162b2 except what Pfizer wants us to believe. One of the key questions is how long it remains effective. I don’t want to have it every month to bruise on my arm. We must remember that few people die of Covid-19. Most of them die from their own immune system causing the cytokine storm. There are a lot of reinfection cases reported that are worse than the first infection. If vaccines cause our immunity going out of control, it wouldn’t decrease the risk in total. However there’s no such data published.

Officially almost 60 million people have been infected in the world. By computing the number based on the excess deaths and case fatality rate, it can be way larger. What we need is not vaccines. We need a cure. We need antivirus to treat us when we are infected. This way, we can finally think Covid-19 is nothing different from the seasonal flu. When we are infected by Covid-19, what we go through at hospital is not so different from the 19th century. Packed in a room with other patients and lying on the bed. This is it because no one has a cure anyway. Our oxygen concentration and other health indicators would be monitored in serious cases. However again, once we are connected to the ventilator, only a few come back. We know this. This is why a lot of people decide to stay home even after they test positive. If they are lucky, they would recover. If not, it can go as bad as it can be. This is not different from 1920.

Remdesivir, the so-called anti Covid-19 medicine that was dosed on Donald Trump, was questioned by WHO and they recommended not to use it as no significant effect was observed. Until 25th November 2020, we hear no progress in Covid-19 treatment.




Analyzing Covid-19 based on the open data. For tailored research or inquiry, email me at fukushimadiary.official@gmail.com

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Analyzing Covid-19 based on the open data. For tailored research or inquiry, email me at fukushimadiary.official@gmail.com

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